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Good food for dogs with allergies and ingredient/nutrient intolerances is not so hard to find. With the veterinarian-recommended Royal Canin Veterinary Sensitivity Control Dog, you’ll provide a world of nutrition tailored for dogs with food allergies.

Royal Canin Veterinary Sensitivity Control Dog is dry food for dogs to reduce ingredient/nutrient intolerances. Just like us, dogs may suffer from skin and gastrointestinal issues that are triggered by food sensitivities and can negatively impact their life. 

This food contains limited and selected high-quality protein and carbohydrate sources to minimize the risk of nutrient intolerance. These proteins, as well as starches and fibers (including prebiotics), are highly digestible to support a healthy digestive system. This balance occurs because these ingredients cultivate “friendly” bacteria in your dog’s gut.

Thanks to a special nutrient complex, including biotin, niacin, and zinc, Sensitivity Control supports the skin's natural barrier role, promoting optimal skin health. Additionally, this food also contains Omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) to support the digestive system and skin, often affected by food allergies. 

Royal Canin Veterinary Sensitivity Control Dog key benefits:

  • Royal Canin Veterinary Sensitivity Control Dog reduces ingredient and nutrient intolerances in dogs.
  • This food contains limited amounts of selected protein and carbohydrates to minimize allergenicity.
  • Thanks to high-quality proteins, starches, and fibers (including prebiotics), Royal Canin Sensitivity Control promotes digestive health.
  • Sensitivity Control dog food also includes a special nutrient complex to support the skin’s barrier role and health.
  • The Omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA, present in this formula contribute to a healthy digestive system and skin.

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