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Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Feline Neutered Balance Wet Cat Food - 12 x 85g pouches (CF69) is a complete feed for neutered adult cats or with a tendency to gain weight - from neutering up to 7 years old. Neutering has a large effect on hormone levels in cats and while these changes have a positive outcome, there is one important thing that all cat owners should know. 2 days after castration, changing hormones can cause a cat's energy needs to decrease by 30%, but also increases their appetite by 20%. This can lead to significant weight gain. An easy solution is to feed your neutered cat a diet that contains the correct ingredients.

Key Benefits

  • Rich in protein to help maintain ideal weight in neutered male cats.
  • Moderate starch reduces risk of weight gain and helps cats feel fuller for longer.
  • Formulated to help prevent particular urinary crystals (struvite and oxalate crystals).

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