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Race Recovery is an innovative electrolyte supplement designed specifically for horses given furosemide. Use of furosemide causes prolonged electrolyte loss and imbalance through increased urination and does not stimulate thirst. These losses are different to losses in sweat. When coupled with the electrolyte losses that occur naturally with sweating, total electrolyte depletion can be significant following intense exercise. Without proper electrolyte replenishment, the horse won’t drink as well, will be calcium depleted complete and physiological recovery may be delayed, setting the stage for longer intervals between gallops.

Race Recovery reduces the downtime between bouts of intense exercise by replacing key electrolytes. Research at Kentucky Equine Research found that horses given furosemide require additional supplementation following exertion to maintain optimal electrolyte balance. To have the greatest benefit, electrolytes must be given during specific windows of time after exercise.

Race Recovery provides targeted electrolyte supplementation for equine athletes given furosemide, supporting a quick rebound from hard work.

Why Choose Race Recovery?

  • Provides horses exercised after furosemide with targeted electrolyte supplementation to replace losses in sweat and urine
  • Specifically designed for horses on furosemide who have different electrolyte losses to those just sweating so is a different formulation to regular electrolytes
  • Includes high levels of highly digestible forms of calcium and magnesium, two key minerals lost for several days after furosemide
  • Stimulates thirst so horses replace lost body weight and recover faster from the gallop
  • Suitable for horses prone to thumps
  • Suitable for endurance horses at rides

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