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in-sandout is the new intestinal sand removal solution for your equine partner.

Sand ingestion leads to devastating issues in horses. 

Sand can be consumed inadvertently by horses that are maintained on sandy soils, short pasture or fed hay or grain in sandy areas. This sand then accumulates in the large colon. Problems associated with sand accumulation include chronic and intermittent diarrhea, weight loss and colic. It may further impair gut health due to irritation and obstruction of the intestinal tract.  

Research shows that psyllium husks and magnesium sulfate in combination, at a proper dosage are effective to remove, limit accumulation and mitigate sand-related issues. However, the issue with feeding psyllium husks on their own is many horses dislike the taste and texture of the high inclusion of psyllium husks.

in-sandout pellet is a sand removal solution that contains quality psyllium husk and magnesium sulphate with an optimised dosage regimen.  in-sandout is formulated as a pellet with natural flavours and sweeteners for optimal intake and palatability.

in-sandout can also be used in conjunction with in-sideout, in-force, in-stride, in-fusion msm & in-fusion ha.

Benefits of in-sandout:

  • Stimulates Gastrointestinal health & motility
  • Supports removal & avoids accumulation of sand
  • Highly palatable & easy to feed
  • Sugar free
  • Backed by science  

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