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4CYTE Granules for Horses is a revolutionary advancement for horses suffering from osteoarthritis.

Lameness due to joint injury and progressive disease is the most prevalent cause of deteriorating athletic function in performance horses and constitutes a large percentage of the equine practitioner?s caseload. Most joint conditions have the potential to lead to osteoarthritis (OA), which in turn has a poor prognosis for return to normal athletic function. 4CYTE? Granules for Horses brings confidence to a new class of Veterinary products and is indicated for use when treating mild to moderate OA, after joint damage or surgery.

4CYTE? Granules for Horses is a premium daily joint supplement used to protect and repair damaged joints and actively maintain joint health. The revolutionary property of 4CYTE? Granules for Horses is Epiitalis®, a proprietary plant seed oil patented for its ability to proliferate chondrocyte cells in the presence of inflammation. It is a feed additive used to:

Address symptoms such as stiffness or a lack of willingness to perform
Support for decreased joint function and joint health
Support for healing after a joint injury or surgery
Promotes healthy joints in high performance animals

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